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There is simply not enough time to watch anime. No matter how much time we have there is so much anime that we still don't have enough time to see it all. Is that such a bad thing? Go forth and watch more anime!!!




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This is a little manga I wrote to show how a girl’s efforts to make someone hurting smile ends up revealing a similar compassion from the very boy she was trying to comfort. It shows how a little kindness can sometimes seem pointless but it can be contagious and turn around to help the person giving it more than the one receiving it. 

SDOHUFodshuf omg this is so so so so so cute I love iiiit ahhh

Get to know me meme: favorite male characters

9th doctor (Doctor Who)

You were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So was I.”

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Gray-sama! Even when you’re fighting, your boldness is wonderful!

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